Goals and philosophy

EXORBITART.SHOP is a side project from EXORBITART. We create realisticly developed 3D scenes, which artists and studios can directly implement into their projects or use them for learning purposes.

As opposed to other current 3D online shops, we do not set our focus on quantity but rather on a carefully curated selection of accessories that produce a well-balanced overall composition. The products are especially conceived to bring life to architectural spaces and provide direct added value for interior and exterior visualizations.

Technical standards

We rely on the highest and most aesthetic standards. This philosophy is duly reflected in our products as well. All content is first developed in the software Cinema 4D or 3D Max and is then finalized in the rendering engine Corona or Vray.

When creating 3D content, the necessary measures are considered in order to ensure a clean topology for sub-division surface (SDS) workflow and correct UV-Mapping. All materials and objects are then labeled in a logical and consistent way.


Quad topology
3d scanned asstes for more realistic details
Special shaders ready to use for other projects
Carefully curated selection of accessories
All products contains the light and render setup inclusive the postproduction psd file. Ideal to learn realistic rendering by your self.